On a day as special as a Wedding, everything revolves around the Bride and Groom and your guests will be looked after throughout the day through our coordination and guidance. There are many ways to look after your guests but this all really reside in the personalization of the event and its different áreas.


This is the área we welcome the guests upon arrival, a personalized detail with the Bride and Groom that will also define the rest of the Wedding atmosphere.

Guests will appreciate being pampered and taken care of from the start.


An areato  write these simple and beautiful words of family and friends who will stay forever as a reminder of your day.

Those who will write them will also feel uplifted to leave their mark on such an important moment for the bride and groom.


It’s not just about thanking them for their presence but also leaving them a small gift in gratitude. Any detail presented with love and originality will become a true detail. The options are several and usually defined according to the personality of the couple. Decorative, useful, original, supportive, natural … gift options are as diverse as the personalities of our couples.

These three examples of Areas are perhaps the most common but there are many more ways to have memories with your guests so that they feel, not only guests, but also an essential part of your wedding.

From Essence Menorca we are constantly creating special memories so that your day is forever in your memory but also in your guests’.

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