Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

A wonderful destination

Menorca is also an excellent destination to travel due to its rich culture, its history, excellent cuisine and an exceptional climate within a paradisiacal enclave in the Mediterranean Sea.

If we are curious about this place and if it is the ideal place to celebrate your wedding link on the island, because I do not know where to celebrate my wedding, it is not necessary to look further because this is the place.

Browse its beaches

Discover the best beaches and hidden coves of Menorca that can only be accessed by sea. From the best known beaches of Macarelleta and Macarella to quieter and more remote coves without any other person.

It is definitely the best way to explore the white cliffs and the incredibly blue waters of the beautiful coast of Menorca.


We have always said that the best way to get to know a city and its culture is to try its food, and it was never as true as in Menorca. That way, you’ll know if you’re interested in including it in the celebration letter.

The freshest and most representative products of the island, as well as seafood and cheese, are products to be highlighted if you intend to incorporate Menorcan products in our celebration.

An island to enjoy its beaches

Menorca houses 99 beaches, making it a brilliant destination for those who wish to absorb all the vitamin D that, let’s be honest, is for everyone.

Apart from being able to enjoy its wonderful beaches, Menorca also offers the possibility of performing wedding ceremonies on its beaches or cliffs.

Other places on the island

Completed in 1382, the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Ciutadella has a checkered past, destroyed and then rebuilt, several times. It came to its current neoclassical style after being rebuilt in the early 1800s and is definitely worth a visit and even to celebrate your wedding on the island. The streets of the old town of Ciutadella, in particular, the colorful houses of Sant Cristófol street, definitely deserve a quiet walk, especially in the afternoon glow.

The city of Mahón, with its longest natural harbor in Europe (over 6 km long), and its Georgian British-style houses, will delight you during long walks. A cocktail with these views will leave any of your guests speechless.

The center of the island offers endless rustic landscapes and extraordinary farms to celebrate any private event.

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