We give dimension to the details

It is quite common, that before preparing a Wedding, we will have alot of ideas, memories or environments to consider. An example of this may be to celebrate a Wedding in Menorca, or surprise our guests with an intimate but very special Wedding. Regardless of the option we choose, the decoration and adaptation of the Environment is essential.

However, to make a wedding in the Balearic Islands, the decorative composition is somewhat more demanding, because with certain places, it is quite difficult to live up to it. At least, without professional help.

Ideas that develop projects…

Having ideas or options to start organizing such an event is quite important. Even so, we must discuss the idea or style we are looking for and, how to combine it with the space you have chosen.

At first, it may seem simple and there are even many options, however the amount and type of decoration is usually fixed with the help of a professional. In this way, we can highlight spaces as idyllic as those offered by a Wedding in the Balearic Islands. Always, analyzing the environments together with an interior designer that achieves a good density of elements, colors, textures and furniture.

We look for solutions to your ideas

In Essence-Menorca, we work directly with the ideas that the Bride and Groom descibe to us. Together, we look for solutions that adapt to the needs of the space and the protocol that marks the Event itself.

Thanks to our experience, we will be able to shape all those ideas that seem somewhat abstract, but that can certainly take shape in the space to celebrate the Wedding on the Island you choose.

Current decoration and new trends

Working directly in the organization of Events and Weddings in Menorca, allows us to be fully updated in terms of trends in decoration and interior design. More where possible when we focus on Bridal rooms and spaces.

To do this, we can offer different types of interiors and accessories, from the most current and contemporary, to the most subtle and neutral elements you can imagine.

For Interior design and lighting, we take care of even the smallest detail

An enclave like a beach on the Balearic Islands is undoubtedly an idyllic point of light and illumination. However, throughout the entire event, the amounts and tones of light are quite different. Therefore, we take care of both interior and exterior spaces to create unique environments. Both in lighting and decoration.

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