Coordination day b

Coordination day b

All well tied on wedding day

Undoubtedly, details such as where to celebrate my Wedding, how and when, are key to such an event. But they are decisions that can be made with good organisation, time and patience. For all of them we are here to help you and offer you everything your dreams are capable of imagining.

However, we know that on the day of the wedding – there is only one opportunity and that is where a team of professionals will make a difference!

Regardless of the number of Guests, the time of the celebration or the Wedding venues in Menorca, good organization allow your day to run smoothly, which will result in constant fun and enjoyment of you and your guests. 

We offer you complete control of your Event

Once everything is ready, when the clock does nothing but precipitate the moment your wedding begins, there are many details, actions and responsibilities that will have to be faced. And if that weren’t enough, all of them together with the emotion of the moment and the company of our most loved ones. Examples of this are issues such as floral details, photographers, checking that the catering and its access are ready, if there is any surprise or any circumstance or peculiar need that may occur.

That is why certain things should remain a little in the air or left to improvisation. On the contrary, for Essence-Menorca to celebrate a Wedding, it is synonymous with having everything controlled and your trust in us.

Professional organization

In the first hour, when the nerves are in full swing, the Essence team will be in charge of organizing everything that has been prepared for that day. By then, a timing will be established that structures and organizes each and every one of the Wedding details. This will allow direct supervision of both the service providers and the needs of any guest. To do this, we will offer both constant information and accompaniment so that you do not worry about your day.

Enjoy your wedding

There are many enclaves and spaces for weddings that we customize and turn into large stages. In addition to ensuring great coordination during our Weddings or events.

All this directly affects the dynamics of any event we face, but above all, the tranquility of any host.

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