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It is quite common, that before organizing your own Wedding, you have attended several of them, including a Wedding on the island of Menorca. This is what allows you to get an idea of ​​what you want and what you don’t, for such an important and personal Event.

In addition, it is quite likely that you have great ideas that you want to explore, you may feel that you face a small universe of options that seem somewhat difficult to specify. However, this is what we are here for, to help you ….We adapt your dreams!

We adapt to your dreams

Before the organization of a Wedding, the possibilities in Decoration, Contracting of Services and Personalization, can be Extensive, however here at Essence-Menorca we guide you along the way.

This includes the possibility that you offer your guests, each and every one of the ideas with which you want to entertain and surprise. At Essence-Menorca, we have worked with the best suppliers for weddings in Menorca for many years. There is no Challenge that we dont dont accept, no Stone goes unturned!

Mark the times of your day…

The details, the design, the decoration, the music, the spaces … everything, absolutely everything you might need to get married, is something that we can prepare, organize and above all ensure that it will run seamlessly and to perfection.

The great advantage of having a company specialized in Wedding Planning is the tranquility with which the Event will take place. We can establish a timing that marks each moment of the Event. In this way, you will only have to enjoy the day you have dreamed so much for, everything will be synchronized.

Surprise your guests with a great organization

The theme, appearance or dynamics of a Wedding on an Island can be very diverse. Without a doubt, a great advantage for each of the wedding moments. Thus, it is possible to customize the cocktails, organize a large open bar or why not, offer
different possibilities in terms of food, drink and entertainment for each and every guest. We can provide any service you require.

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