01 March 2020

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Winter weddings

Winter weddings

Here in Menorca it is difficult to imagine a winter wedding having a wonderful summer weather with white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and green and ocher fields that make it a magnificent backdrop.

But why not a winter wedding? And why not a wedding inspired by Christmas?

Now that we enter the month of December, we love to close our eyes and draw a winter wedding inspired by Christmas.

A white bride with a velvet cape or stole to match her shoes. A boyfriend in a suit and coat. A living room full of hanging lamps with the crackling fire of the fireplace in the background. Those pine and pineapple centers and white details and Christmas flower adorning our tables …

Let’s not forget the chill out corner for the later party with a basket full of blankets, a bar station with mulled wine and some Christmas flower seedlings as a detail for our guests.

We cheer up with a winter wedding? Maybe for next Christmas …

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