01 March 2020

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We release new website

We release new website

We release a new website with a new space dedicated to news to be able to tell more about our work.

After a few months of hard work and with the calm offered by the coldest months in Menorca, we have dedicated ourselves, with great care and love, to work on our new website.

Today we can announce that we already have a new page and a new news section to tell you many things. You can find new content as well as get to know us more and better and see our work first hand. We enjoy our work and love everything we do.

It is very nice to meet new couples, new families and be able to draw their path together. And after several months of preparations and nerves everything flows and makes us live with special love and dedication his great day. It is an I don’t know what fills our hearts and souls.

Thanks for letting us enjoy it ❤️

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